She’s gorgeous.


I am 25 today.


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i wish i could feel confident without my hair!!


"Went natural and they hunt me like I’m African game."

I can’t. *dead*


No, like REALLY. White men are FASCINATED with my hair. They wanna lay in it, write it poems, love it, draw fresco paintings in it’s honor and name our son “Naps Jr.” White men never approached me when I had a perm. Went natural and they hunt me life I’m African game. 

Black men? *laughs* 

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[Image: The current marriage act excludes intersex. A same sex marriage act will exclude intersex. Intersex people demand marriage equality!]


I’ll fight alongside all my intersex followers.

it is NOT over. 

I would argue that it excludes intersex because intersex isn’t really a legally recognized sexual classification. At birth, the parents of a lot of intersex individuals are encouraged to seek surgical intervention. Even without surgical intervention, parents and doctors have to check a box [for gender] based on the more predominate sexual organs. They are legally either male or female which means that they can have M/F, M/M, or F/F marriages.

I think the issue here is to push legislation that moves away from the two-sex system that allows for intersex individuals to be recognized outside of the medical community. When that happens, then there can be a push for intersex marriage.



Still looking amazing!